Atlas Advisors advised Tele Atlas in raising Convertible Preferred Stock from a consortium of financial sponsors

Excerpt of Press Release by Tele Atlas N.V.

Tele Atlas N.V., a leading provider of digital map data, announced today it has received a $210 million irrevocable financing proposal from a consortium led by Oak Investment Partners (“Oak”) and New Enterprise Associates (“NEA”).

The consortium, which also includes TeleSoft Partners, Meritech Capital and IAM, has proposed a $210 million investment in Tele Atlas in order to: finance the $100 million acquisition of Geographic Data Technology, a digital map company focused on the North American market fund the expenditure made to realize cost savings refinance existing shareholder loans of approximately $30 million at Tele Atlas and release of corporate guarantees by shareholders, and fund future investment and working capital needs.

The Oak-NEA consortium proposal entails the following key terms: $210 million (approximately €175 million) financing in the form of preferred stock convertible into Tele Atlas common stock on a one-to-one basis at €5.00 per share with customary anti-dilution provision.

The proposed convertible preferred stock has no redemption date and will pay the same dividend as is payable on the common shares; the convertible preferred stock is senior in liquidation preference for €5.00 per share to the Tele Atlas common stock.

The Oak-NEA proposal also provides for the issuance of warrants on approximately 7.1 million convertible preferred shares with an exercise price of €5.00 per share. These warrants will have a five year term.

Atlas Advisors acted as exclusive financial advisor to Tele Atlas N.V. in connection with this transaction.

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