Mr. Garcez has been an executive in the energy industry for more than 35 years, holding senior position in utilities and independent power producers in the United States, Latin America, Europe and the Middle East and South Asia. He is the founder and principal consultant of Smart Strategies ( a New York City based energy advisory company.

Prior to founding Smart Strategies in 2015, Mr. Garcez was a Senior Managing Director at Black & Veatch Management Consulting, where he structured B&V’s Strategic Business Advisory practice supporting major American investor-owned utilities in setting their long-term business plans.

For 13 years Mr. Garcez worked with PSEG, one of the largest investor-owned utilities in the United States, setting-up and operating their international portfolio of companies, with assets in Brazil, Argentina, Chile, Peru, Venezuela, Italy, Poland, Tunisia, Oman, and India. Those Companies ranged from electricity and gas distribution utilities to large power plants fueled by a variety of energy sources from hydro to coal. Mr. Garcez also created the renewable energy business at PSEG by establishing PSEG Solar Source and Garden State Offshore Wind Energy, two pioneering renewable projects in the IOU industry.  Mr. Garcez was also responsible for a significant portion of PSEG’s domestic portfolio of independent power plants, with assets in Texas, California and Hawaii.

From 2010 to 2014 Mr. Garcez worked for SunCoke Energy, the largest producer of metallurgical coke in the Americas. As their head of Strategy and Business Development, he developed their international presence by acquiring assets in India. He also led SunCoke to enter into new business line in logistics allowing the company to grow its Master Limited Partnership structure by acquiring coal handling terminals the United States.

Throughout his career, he had several management positions including Board positions in energy companies all over the world. Some of these companies are: Electroandes (Peru), Dofhar Power (Oman), Electrownia Skawina (Poland), Cartage Power (Tunisia), Rio Grande Energia (Brazil), Bioenergia (Italy) and PPN Generation (India). Mr. Garcez also hold board positions in other infrastructure companies including Brazilian SABESP, the largest water and sewer treatment utility in Latin America and VISA SunCoke, an independent metallurgical coke producer in India.

Mr. Garcez holds a degree in Mechanical Engineering from the University of São Paulo with post-graduate studies in Energy Planning at USP and Executive Education in Finance at Columbia University.